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Wilkerson, M.D., Ru, Y., and Brendel, V.P. (2009) Common introns within orthologous genes: software and application to plants Briefings in Bioinformatics, 10(6), 631-644. [abstract] [PDF]

PlantGDB News:

Community-annotated maize gene models (see an example at ZmGDB) are now displayed at both MaizeGDB and, by means of Distributed Annotation Service (DAS) (November 21, 2009).

Brachypodium distachyon browser: BdGDB, a genome browser for the model grass species Brachypodium distachyon, is now available, based on the JGI v1.0 8x genome assembly. The assembly displayed comprises 271.15 Mb arranged in 5 pseudochromosomes. Display includes gene models, splice-aligned EST, cDNA, PUT assembly and Arabidopsis and rice predicted proteins (October 30, 2009).

The Brendel Group @ Iowa State University

If you want to find out why a bouncy octopus is our group logo, you have come to the right place. In fact, there is a lot of other information on these pages. Please navigate using the menus above and to the left.

If you are new to these pages, and particularly if you got here by a surfing accident, Volker Brendel is the Bergdahl Professor of Bioinformatics at Iowa State University. His responsibilities include research and teaching.

The Brendel Group is an energetic, friendly, and grateful team of faculty, staff, and students enjoying the privilege of working together. Our areas of interest span research topics in genome informatics, in particular as related to plant transcriptional control and pre-mRNA splicing, and computational infrastructure (cyberinfrastructure) for genome studies. You can find out more about our research, software development, and Prof. Brendel's teaching following the links on the top navigation bar.

In addition to Volker Brendel, Professor, the group currently consists of four staff scientists, one postdoctoral associate, and three graduate students.

Many alumni have moved on, but are still very much part of the family. Our international network of collaborators brings complementary expertise to the team.

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Brendel Group, June 2009

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